Smiling Founders

We love to travel to the most foreign regions of the world, every time we get the chance. Out to deserted areas where humans throughout time has brought bibles, medicine and pearls of glass. Instead we bring magical suitcases with elements from our daily lives in Denmark, containing a guitar, silverjackets, balloonanimals, magic tricks and crazy fractures of habit.  
In the weirdest places – nomatter wether it is among prostitutes, lonesome cowboys or dragqueens – we test how the world appears from the their perspective and return to Denmark rich with experiences. 
We prefer not to plan everything down to the smallest details, as we plan enough in our daily lives. We let “faith-incidence” decide, which among others mean, that we put our small plastic dog, Fidel, on a map, wind it, and let the dog lead us to the adventure of the day, no matter if we just woke up in a deserted motel in Texas or in a small cottage in the jungle.    
Everywhere we go, we test if a smile truly is the shortest way between people. Not just on stage with our exotic shows, but just as well in a gasstation on the highway or in a gray bus in The Bronx. The world needs to smile, so why not break the ice by doing something unexpected.
So far everyone has met us with smiles and open arms – and inspired us with their specific rituals and friendships.      
Privately we have been friends for years and we both enjoy that our enthusiasm sparks around us from the moment we stand in the airport ready for a new adventure, until we return to our families, exhausted from the new experience.
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- We are looking forward to hear from you.
Loads of smiles
The Smiling Fairytale Society