Smiling in South Europe

For many years, Jesper Grønkjær was a regular entertainer in numerous hotels in Southern Europe. The trips took him to Malta, Mallorca, Turkey, Spain and Italy among others. 


Jesper Grønkjær under the southern sun

After the journey to Greenland I got a request to perform in Spain. A Danish company offered my a trip to the Spanish coast, where they thought a bit of magic would do well. The worn-out magic suitcase was packed and the show in Malaga became reality. Since I was in the country I contacted some other danish firms, who have guide schools in the area and in this way I filled the calender.  

This was the beginning of several good friendships both personally and professionally. In this way I went back to Spain several years in a row performing for many Scandinavian travel agencies. My concept was to lie at the beach during the day, give shows in the evenings and party all night long. 

When I started traveling with my performance, I was forced to visualize it more than I had been used to. This is mainly because I stopped learning English and German in the fifth grade. When I had learned to perform in a manner that it wasn't necessary to understand what I was saying, I found it a good occasion to give the locals a show as well. So I went to the smaller villages in the mountains. This caused a lot of hubbub in Monda, where the local librarian was sawed in two. The library was full of people. First they let the children in, next the elderly and at last the adults and the shy adolescents. Every one yelled, when the librarian put his head in the pillory I had brought, and I cut his head off with a jigsaw. They were not used to see something like this in their area. Luckily the head was put back on and people could breathe a sigh of relief. More than ten years after this event I still meet people from the small village, who saw the show and still remember how the uncomfortable librarian became my involuntary assistant for a moment!  

In my travels to the south of Europe I have performed in hotels, nightclubs, bars and squares. The show at the guide school was the beginning of a cooperation with the director Palle Højsholt. He is now the boss of Scandinavians largest guide school service & Co, and I am now connected to this school as a teacher and instructor. In this way I have often performed with my magic suitcase in front of the students in Malta and in Spain.  

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