Smiling in the Caribbean (D.Rep)

In the Dominican Republic, the smiling knights from Denmark ended up performing for drug addicted prostitutes in the bars where the women met their clients. Under the motto “we do not spread legs but smiles”, Lütken and Grønkjær helped the women forget all about the old lecherous men they were supposed to be attending. When the girls received cute balloon animals, they were transformed from hardened prostitutes into small giggling girls.   

Among communists and whores

Our adventures in USA where coming to an end after having performed as drag queens in New York and as cowboys in Texas. This is the last chapter in which we got close to prostitutes in the Caribbean and got arrested by the communist police in Cuba.


A random town

Boca Chica is the name of a Caribbean tourist-town to which men from all over the world travel to buy sex from young local beauties. But we didn't know this, when we arrived there late at night. The sight then caught us by surprise. We had decided that the last stop on our tour should have been  Haiti, where we would have sought the voodoo-environments and the black magic rituals. But warnings from both the Danish Embassy and the Danish writer Jørgen Leth, who lives in Haiti made us change our mind – the country was in that period too dangerous to visit because of a civil war.

Instead we landed one night in Santa Domingo in The Dominic Republic, where we without knowing anything about the country took a cap to a random town. Of course we wanted to check out the local life, and here we got ourselves quite an experience: We had barely left the hotel before we were accosted by beautiful, local girls, who send us long, hot looks. Off course we were flattered, but when this continued, we started to doubt their intentions. A nice local guy invited us into a bar, that turned out to be stuffed with gorgeous, brown girls and a few sweaty, old Europeans. The girls started competing about getting to bed with us, In other words we ended up in a big burlesque house – the Caribbean answer to sex tourism. And the nice, local guy we had met turned out to be a pimp and a drug-dealer, - one  of many in this place.   

A lock on the zipper

Safely back in our room we started thinking. We could choose to look at these people with contempt and do nothing more about this. But on the other hand our concept with The Smiling Fairytales Society is that everyone is equal and that everyone needs to smile ones in a while. So we chose to believe that these women contained more than their way of looking at men as a way to finance their cocaine abuse – this was something that every one of them turned out to bee addicted to.

When we returned the following night, we were prepared. To the girls big surprise and joke we turned them down literally by putting big locks on our zippers in our pants. When we started entertaining them with small jokes and gags, they completely changed and acted like small children having fun. It was a new experience for them that tourists didn't want their bodies but instead gave something to them. This meant that the girls shortly afterwards stopped seeing us as potential clients but more as friends. When other women tried to catch our attention, they were quickly sent away with the explanation, that we were not objects to any kind of sex-sale. It was such a fun sight, when the girls negotiated with other men, while they cuddled a balloon animal, that Jesper had made for them. At some point it almost was the end of some balloon animals, when the girls got so eager, that they almost fought about them.        

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