Smiling with Masai's

Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya, Africa, 1997

Smiling with cowboys

Texas, USA, 2006

Smiling with natives

Irian Jaya & Bali, Indonesia, 1999

Smiling on ice

Inland ice, Greenland, 1994, 2004 & 2009

Smiling with Cubans

Cuba & The Dominican Republic, The Caribbean, 2006

Smiling with subcultures

New York, USA, 2006

Smiling with Burners

Burning Man, Nevada Desert, USA, 2007-2009

Smiling with Indians

The Amazon river & Peru, South America, 2003

Smiling on a Harley

Las Vegas, USA, 2006

Smiling with Lama's

Nepal, 2007

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