About Jesper Grønkjær

With more than 225 shows a year Jesper Grønkjær is one of the busiest family entertainers in Denmark. He has received both awards and scholarships for his work with humor and comedy.
In almost 20 years Jesper has made his professional living as a magician.
Besides his magic family entertainment at summer parties, circuses, schools, libraries among other places, Jesper performs his One Man Show for adults, for example when entertainment is required at companies, receptions and weddings.   
Furthermore  the last 15 years Jesper has been working for a large international company, for which he acts as a well-known character. Moreover he entertains for some of Scandinavia's largest companies.
Alongside his work as a magician, Jesper works as an actor, a freelance journalist, he gives lectures about his travel-experiences and among other things he is an instructor at a guideschool in Spain.
In the recent years Jesper has been known in the medias as the magician, who has been on some quite crazy expeditions. Expeditions where Jesper and a team of  helpers has brought the old, legendary magic suitcase to some of the worlds furthest corners. For instance on a raft on the Amazon River to get to the River Indians, who live in Peru, into the Andes Mountains to visit the descendants of the Inkas, to the Masai Warriors in Tanzania, orphanages in Uganda, through swamps and rainforest to visit the last living cannibals in the jungle of Irian Jaya and to the Ice Cap of Greenland.

In all of these remote places Jesper has performed in front of the gaping locals, who sometimes have screamed with laughter or other times have been hiding in the jungle from this weird, white medicineman, who suddenly has appeared out of nowhere. As a contrast to these more primitive expeditions, he has also performed in Las Vegas, has attended Drag Shows in night clubs in New York and furthermore acted as a cowboy in saloons in Texas. He has also given shows to prostitutes in The Caribbean and in Cuba, Bali and in the south of Europe.   
Jesper uses the expeditions in his lectures, in his articles and on danish television.
Jesper is a member of the Travelers Guild of Denmark (De berejstes klub) and The Adventurer's Club of Denmark (Eventyrernes Klub). He has recently received the Folkersen-award for his borderline work from traveling the world.
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