About Thomas VovemoD Lütken

Thomas Lütken alias Thomas “VovemoD” (meaning "the audacious") is well known as the man with the hippiebus, his fun spectacles of ideas and his firm belief, that anything is possible, if only you “free yourself from the tyranny of your habits”.
Thomas is an innovative breaker of habits, problemsolver and eventmaker – and he is the co-founder of The Smiling Fairytales Society.
He has a wide range of experience as an inventor, marketing advisor, copywriter, eventmaker, performer and as a developer of concepts and organizations. After 9 years of working in the commercial industry - 5 of them as Quality- and Conceptdirector and co-founder of an international advertising agency, which today has 400 employees - Thomas decided in 2004 to start up his own one-man company, the innovationbusiness VovemoD (meaning audacity) 

The mission of 'VovemoD'

The mission of the company VovemoD is to inspire organizations and their coworkers to blow the scope in their way of handling everyday challenges and problems.
Thomas believes that every day our inner tyrants of habit steal amounts of value and energy, which might result in the fact, that we don't complete the things we really want to do.
The innovationship
Very fast Thomas' nontraditional and enthusiastic style has given him 'innovationships' with a line of leaders especially from the marketing-, developing and Human Resources -areas. Among others he has worked for organizations such as Tryg Forsikring, Stofa, Grundfos and The Coca-Cola Company. Everyone uses Thomas as a free-minded, nontraditional advisor and as a structured developer of concepts within strategic development of products, branding, employee wellbeing, and working processes. Thomas especially focuses his work on the creative development of the company's coworkers, because he has the experience, that even the best employees have an unexploited potential. With his help the employees can create clearer wishes, wild ideas, edgy plans and dedicated acts in the daily routine.  
A taste of his own medicine
Thomas emphasizes the importance of undergoing his own treatment, and therefore he always makes a lot of room in his calender to gather inspiration. He attends the worlds most creative festival, Burning Man, in the Nevada desert, he invents peculiar social experiments at some of the danish festivals, he does extraordinary innovation-experiments in cooperation with company leaders – and he gives loads of free smiles in great parts of the world with The Smiling Fairytale Society.   
The Smiling Fairytale Society