Smiling Videos has been spreading smiles in the arabian world. 4 videos from the journey has been made - with danish narration:

Last part: smiling in "camel city", SUR and giving the Smiling Globe Award

Performance at desert beduines in Oman

Roadmovie from The United Arab Emirates

Introducing our journey to the Arabian world

Here are a few videoes from earlier journeys:
Our one and only drag show, LIPS, New York City
Knighting the famous Biff Henderson from The Late Show, CBS foyer, New York City
Joking with NYPD, Wall Street, New York City
Singing danish Poul Kj°ller cowboy song at a saloon show in Texas
Chicken surprise in small village at Amazon River, South America
Showing a plastic snake at village in Africa
Showing funny hat at prostitute bar in Boca Chica, The Dominican Republic
The Smiling Fairytale Society